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How to Read Basketball Betting Odds

Among all the kinds of sports, basketball is considered to be one of the major ones. By using basketball betting odds, you will learn how to read NBA and NCAA lines. The main part to remember is that the team you bet on should address the points earned by the underdog. Meanwhile, the underdog should lose by no less than the spread. If there is a draw for NBA or NCAA, basketball lines lead to a refund.

Remember that odds can change for line bets according to injuries and rumors surrounding the game. Whatever line you wager on, it won’t be changed in your betting slip.

NBA Best Betting Strategy

NBA betting strategy is based on a basketball game itself. Some of the NBA best bets take place in the form of handicaps, lines and over/unders. When it comes to lines and handicaps, it does make sense to look at the teams background and the latest news. Make sure to check injury lists! Some of the NBA bets you can wager on are over and under bets. With over and under bets, you will have to find out whether both teams can score a certain number of points over or under an amount determined by the sportsbook.

How to Estimate Probabilities Correctly

When you bet on basketball, you will have to deal with certain implied probabilities that need to be estimated. These calculations are required to make your bets on college basketball lines and NBA betting lines as correct as possible. Implied probability converts your betting odds to a percentage by considering the sportsbook margin when addressing the probability of a particular team winning.

The odds on NBA betting lines and college basketball betting lines can be measured for NBA betting odds and college basketball odds for all the existing types of odds:

  • Decimal odds: (1/ the decimal odds) X 100 = implied probability
  • Fractional odds: the denominator / (the denominator + the numerator) X 100 = implied probability
  • American odds: Negative odds / (Negative odds + 100) X 100 = implied probability

As long as the sportsbooks are oriented on probabilities, you should be ready that they turn out to be lower than your own measured probability on NBA betting lines or college basketball betting lines. That is the case when you have reasonable betting chances on your hands. Implied probability tends to be focused on the NBA betting strategy, enabling the best NBA bets. As you can see, you have great opportunities to turn your basketball hobby into a profitable routine.

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