Moss Feet Shoes are hand made by Heather of Moss Feet with suede outers and  felted wool or fleece inners and sand very cute embroidered designs!


Soft-soled shoes made of natural breathable materials are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association as the next best thing to going barefoot. Dr. Lynn T. Staheli, a prominent orthopedic orthopedist, states that “it should be lightweight, flexible, shaped more or less quad angularly, and above all, should not have the arch supports and stiff sides once deemed necessary to give the foot support.” 

Soft soled shoes like Moss Feet Shoes™ are the very best thing for your child’s growing feet during those times when it isn’t practical for them to go barefoot, due to cold weather conditions and unsafe surfaces. Made with natural and breathable materials, Moss Feet shoes are shaped to conform to your child’s feet, while allowing for plenty of “wiggle” and growing room so that your child’s feet can develop to their full healthy potential. The suede leather soles are thick enough to protect little feet, yet thin enough so that your child can still enjoy the sensory benefits of the ground beneath his feet.


Moss Feet leather and wool shoes can be machine washed in cold water only on a delicate cycle with a mild detergent and then can be hung or set out overnight to air dry.


If your child's foot length is within a quarter inch of one size, it is best to order the next size up to allow for growing room.

0- 6 months - Fits up to 4" foot - US size 2-3

6-12 months - Fits up to 4 1/2" foot - US size 3-4

12 - 18 months - Fits up to 5" foot - US size 5-6

18-24 months - Fits up to 5 1/2" foot - US size 7-8

2-3 years - Fits up to 6" foot - US size 9-10

3-4 years - Fits up to 6 1/2" foot - US size 11-12


Moss Feet Pink with Hearts
Moss Feet Pink with Hearts
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