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Platypaws are made from soft, natural leather in Australia. The dye used is formaldehyde free. PlatyPaws shoes are easy to fit and very comfortable to wear. PlatyPaws  shoes allow a child's feet to flex naturally while they're learning to walk or crawl. In fact, leading Podiatrists agree that well fastened soft-soled shoes, such as PlatyPaws  rather than conventional hard-soled shoes, are better for your baby when taking those first important steps and for some months afterwards.

All PlatyPaws shoes have been carefully designed and manufactured to ensure ease of fitting, comfort and safety, using quality materials and most importantly, Formaldehyde free natural leathers. Most shoes feature fold back or opening heel so that baby's foot can easily slide-in prior to fastening. PlatyPaws shoes are not mass produced, each shoe is individually cut and sewn together, ensuring you receive a quality shoe for your baby.

Only 20 years ago it was believed that children needed support when learning to walk, therefore many adults grew up wearing stiff high top leather shoes. As it turns out babies do not need support, their ankles are strong and stable from the beginning.

A research done at Connecticut Children's Medical Center spent months studying the way babies learn to walk. With the help of computer-assisted foot pressure sensors and slow-motion video, researchers learned that, from their first steps, babies walk with a rocking heel-toe motion, just like adults.

The findings toppled the long-held conventional wisdom that the first steps are flat-footed stomps. With that assumption, the stiff, high -topped baby shoe was born, designed by shoe companies to support flat-footed steps and wobbly ankles. But babies' ankles, it turns out, are perfectly stable from the beginning, making the traditional high topped shoe unnecessary. The conclusion, said Sylvia Ounpuu, a movement specialist at the children's medical center who directed the study, is that bare feet is best for babies.

While bare feet is the best for your baby, it may not always be the most comfortable when the weather is ether too cold or the ground too hot. Therefore, the second best it soft leather shoes made from formaldehyde free leather, they allow your child's feet to flex naturally while they learn to walk or crawl.

PlatyPaws Cindy-PlatyPaws Cindy, soft soled shoes, baby shoes,
PlatyPaws Cindy
$28.00 $14.00
PlatyPaws JakRap-platypaws jakrap, soft soled shoes, baby shoes
PlatyPaws JakRap
$28.00 $14.00

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