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Flushable Liners

These flushable liners can be used between the diaper and the baby's skin, letting moisture pass through to the diaper while preventing solids to soak into the diaper, which will take the mess out of washing your cloth diapers. Just flush away the mess, and spend more time with your baby instead of dunking diapers. These bio-degradable flushable liners are an all natural paper product; they are unbleached and biodegradable. These are also useful when you need to use rash cream, to protect your cloth diapers from the buildup caused by some rash creams. They come in 100 or 200 sheets in the baby size and 100 sheets in the toddler size.

Baby Size: 7.6 in. X 10.9 in. Toddler Size: 7.7 in. X 15.5 in.

Choose Size:Baby size 200 sheets $11.60 (17 in stock)
Toddler size 100 sheets $6.40 (5 in stock)

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