Mini Shower-minishower, diaper sprayer
Mini Shower

Cloth Diaper Sprayer - Great for rinsing off soiled cloth diapers in the commode instead of dunking and soaking. Mini-size, multi-hole, jet spray is perfect for rinsing even the most heavily stuck-on soiled diapers.


E-Z Installation
- Easily connects to commodes for the ultimate, easy to use, hand held bidet.

No Plumber Required - Commode adapter screws onto the flushers threads on bottom of commode tank where water line connects. Tools are not usually needed for installation.

Less Noticeable - Mini-Size clear hose is easy to handle and less noticeable in bathroom.

Adjustable Length 6 ft. Hose - Quick-connect hose fittings allows you to cut the 6 ft. hose to any length for right or left handed use.

Adjustable Water Pressure - Multi-hole jet spray with pressure control valve makes personal hygiene, commode cleaning, and even cloth diaper rinsing quick and easy.


Installation instructions:

Close stop valve, then remove water fitting from flusher threads on bottom of commode tank. Screw Mini-Shower Tee Connector onto flusher threads - hand tighen only
Screw water line fitting onto bottom of Tee connector. Insert clear hose into push-in fitting.

Note - Commode must have a flexible water supply line.



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