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Wahmies Diaper Service Quality Pail Liner
Wahmies Diaper Service Quality Pail Liner

Performance and economy!

The Wahmies basic diaper pail liner fits most large diaper pails. It is approximately 29 inches tall and will fit the typical 54qt pail, or a 13 gallon trash can with a 53" circumference. Yes! You can now use a typical kitchen trash can for your dry pail.

The liner has a 6" gusset on the bottom to allow for maximum capacity. White elastic around the top edge folds down to the outside of the pail, revealing fabric...not shiny PUL coating. The shiny side faces the inside of the pail.

Attached in the seam is a patch of hemp on which you can put a few drops of tea tree oil, or other fragrance or essential oil to keep the diaper pail odors at bay. On wash day, remove the liner from the pail, dump the diapers in the washer (with this liner, there's no risk of touching dirty diapers) then toss the liner in the washer right along with the diapers!

Prints are 100% polyester and will not wick!


Choose Color:Light Blue $17.95 (3 in stock)
Pink $17.95 (2 in stock)
Play Pink $17.95 (1 in stock)
Celery $17.95 (2 in stock)
Orange $17.95 (1 in stock)
Sage $17.95 (2 in stock)
Butter $17.95 (1 in stock)
Melon $17.95 (1 in stock)
Pink $17.95 (2 in stock)

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