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Happy Tushies Wet Bags & Wonder Bags
Happy Tushies Wet Bags & Wonder Bags

These beautiful and high quality wet bags are made by Hope of Happy Tushies! These are a perfect solution for your diaper bag and are available in such cute prints!

Made with PUL or ProCare as well...even better! The inner waterproof layer is not sewn to the outer layer, which means --"WICK-FREE"!

Plus,the seam is sewn on the inside, away from the wetness!

The regular size is approximately 11.5" x 12" and the large is approximately 13" x 13.5" and 16" X 20" for the XLarge. How many diapers will these sizes hold? It really depends on the size and type of diapers that you are using, but my estimate is 2-4 for the regular size and 4-6 for the large size and 6-10 for xlarge.

Also available as "Wonder Bags"

Now you ask what is a Wonderbag™?
Seriously, this bag is double the wonderment of the Happy Tushies regular zippered wetbag. It is twice as long, with a zipper at both ends and two separate compartments...waterproof all the way. The two compartments snap together to fit the same as our regular bag in your diaper bag .

You can head out with clean dipes and wipes in one side and then put the soileds in the other side as needed. Don`t even need a diaper bag if you don`t want to carry one! Each compartment of the Regular size is approximately 11.5" x 12" and each compartment of the Large size is approximately 13" x 13.5". You can stuff about 4 AIO diapers and wipes to correspond into one compartment of a regular and 6 into a Large.




Feeling Groovy Spa, Navy hibiscus flower batik, Flowers and Butterflies on Aqua

Tribal Masks on Red Batik, Dots on Chocolate, Orange Stripe

Feline Dreamtime,  Multi Sports, Peach Batik

Blue Lotus Koi, Rainbow Tie Dye, Memiors From China

Flying Bugs, Leafy Flowers


Chinese Words on Black








Choose Size and Print:Regular Black (Was $16.50) Now $9.99 (1 in stock)
Regular Flowers and Butterflies (Was $16.50) Now $9.99 (1 in stock)
Large Raspberry (Was $18.50) Now $11.99 (1 in stock)
Large Chinese Words on Black (Was $18.50) Now $11.99 (1 in stock)
Large Black (Was $18.50) Now $11.99 (2 in stock)
Large Forest Green (Was $18.50) Now $11.99 (1 in stock)
Large Peach Batik (Was $18.50) Now $11.99 (1 in stock)
Large Lantern Party (Was $18.50) Now $11.99 (1 in stock)
Regular Wonderbag Light Blue (Was $25.00) Now $18.49 (2 in stock)
Large Wonderbags Lantern Party (Was $27.00) Now $20.49 (2 in stock)
Large Wonderbag Happy Bugs (Was $27.00) Now $20.49 (1 in stock)
Large Wonderbag Pastel Blue (Was $27.00) Now $20.49 (1 in stock)

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