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Imse Vimse Swim Diaper
Imse Vimse Swim Diaper

Mandated by more and more community pools, reusable swim diapers provide mess free protection when your family is having fun in the sun.  Not only are they leak proof, they do not cause that nasty swelling like disposable diapers do. Finally, at under $20, one diaper costs your family a fraction of a summer's worth of disposable swim diapers.  Comfortable and easy to use, these soft printed pants have a polyurethane lamination to prevent leaks. Side snaps on one side makes changing easy and mess-free. Sizes: NB, S, M, L, XL, and SL (super large) and NEW Junior size!


  • Newborn 9-13 pounts
  • Small 11-17 pounds
  • Medium 15-22 pounds
  • Large 20-26 pounds
  • XL 24-30 pounds
  • Super Large 28+ pounds
  • Junior 35-44 pounds

Navy Sea Animal Pink Sea Animal

Turquoise Sea Animals Blue Fish

Yellow Fish Red Fish

Pink and White Flowers Waves

Navy Sea Animals, Pink Sea Animals, Turquoise Sea Animals, Blue Fish, Yellow Fish, Red Fish, Pink & White Flowers, Waves

Imse Vimse/ Bumpy Swim Diaper

Blue Stripes, Flowers, Yellow Sea Animas, Navy Waves, Gingerbread Man, Black Lizard, Red Lizard, Green Fish

Choose Size & Print:NB Pink Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
NB Pink and White Flower $18.75 (1 in stock)
NB Green Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
NB Black Lizard $18.75 (2 in stock)
S Black Lizard $18.75 (2 in stock)
S Pink and White Flower $18.75 (1 in stock)
S--Yellow Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
S--Pink Sea Animals $18.75 (1 in stock)
M Navy Sea Life $18.75 (1 in stock)
M Blue Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
M--Red Fish $18.75 (2 in stock)
M Yellow Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
M--Pink Sea Animals $18.75 (2 in stock)
M Black Lizard $18.75 (2 in stock)
L Green Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
L Black Lizard $18.75 (1 in stock)
L--Yellow Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
L--Blue Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
L Purple Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
L Red and Yellow fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
L Pink Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
L Pink Sea Animals $18.75 (1 in stock)
XL Black Lizard $18.75 (1 in stock)
XL--Pink & White Flowers $18.75 (1 in stock)
XL Purple Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
XL Red and Yellow Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
XL--Blue Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
SL Pink Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
SL Red Lizard $18.75 (1 in stock)
SL Black Lizard $18.75 (2 in stock)
SL Navy Sea Life $18.75 (1 in stock)
SL-Red Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
Junior Black Lizard $18.75 (1 in stock)
Junior Red and Yellow Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)
Junior Green Fish $18.75 (1 in stock)

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