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Starbunz SuperUndies Pull-on
Starbunz SuperUndies Pull-on
Once you have had some successes with your potty learning efforts and are ready for more of a "Big Kid" underwear feel, try the Starbunz Super Undies pull-ons. These Pull-on underwear have all of the same great features as Starbunz pocket trainers with more of the look and feel of older kid underwear.  Unlike the pocket trainer, these undies have no quick release snaps in the back and are not stuffable. Each Pull-on comes with three absorbent layers sewn in (the Large has four) and great, stretchy sides to make pulling up and down a snap.  In addition, these undies have the following features that parents and kids alike love:

  • Water-proof outer layer
  • Silky smooth inner layer
  • Stuffable for the level of absorbency YOUR child needs
  • Fun, whimsical color choices
  • Sleek appearance...look like "Big Kid" underwear
  • Tight, but stretchy and comfy, leg openings to reduce leaks
  • Double set of snaps make them completely adjustable
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturing process is carbon footprint friendly including use of "eco-friendly" waterproof fabric
Size and Color:Red Racer Small (2 in stock)
Red Racer Medium (2 in stock)
Red Racer Large (2 in stock)
Blue Bandit Small (2 in stock)
Blue Bandit Large (2 in stock)
Orchid Large (1 in stock)
Caped Canary Small (1 in stock)
Caped Canary Large (1 in stock)
Coral Sea Maiden Small (1 in stock)

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