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Starbunz Step-up Inserts
Starbunz Step-up Inserts

Daytime Undies come with a layer of absorbency, but sometimes you need to Step it Up! Add one, two, or three additional inserts to make your trainers soak up more - whether it be for a long car ride, naptime, or when you just need a little break from running to the potty every 20 minutes!

insertsSuper Features

For your child...
  • Optional inserts lets you keep a trim look
  • Additional inserts give you great absorbtion and leak securty
    For you...
  • Allows you to dictate the level of natural consequence you want
  • Each insert is the equivalent of two layers of microfiber to give you a wide range of absorbtion levels 
  • For the environment...
  • Carbon footprint conscious
  • Long-lasting, so save them for your next child or pass them on!

  • Many factors affect the success and time frame it takes to potty train. Our Step-Up Inserts are made to help you decide just how much you think a training pant should catch. Some parents might want a serious pant with very little absorbency, while others want more security.

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