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CBD Hemp - 5 Reasons You Should Be Curious About It?

The term CBD hemp has been recently circulating in the media. It is also frequently discussed by scientists and it has become a pretty hot topic among the public. However, using CBD products still raises a lot of questions and for some, it is just too controversial to even try it. The controversy is often an outcome of misunderstanding and confusion. If you try to ask any average citizen if he could tell what is the difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD they would probably cannot provide you with a satisfactory answer. Therefore, in this brief article, we focus on explaining the basic terms in order to differentiate various available products and inform you about its many beneficial applications.

CBD Hemp or CBD Cannabis? Does It Matter Which One Am I Going to Buy?

CBD Hemp

Of course, it does, because it is not the same thing. We admit an average person may be lost in the all-new “marijuana terminology”. It can be really confusing especially if you have just started getting acquainted with CBD products. So allow us to break it down for you.

It is pretty simple. The common confusion relates to the classification, makeup and name of the plant.

There is nothing complicated about it. Hemp plants usually contain more cannabidiol CBD and cannabis plants contain more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Which one of these can make you high or stoned? The second option. THC is a psychoactive compound and CBD is not. Once you know the difference, you can decide based on your personal preferences.


Always make sure that purchasing and using hemp CBD or cannabis CBD is legal in your country. While many countries decriminalize the production and use of marijuana products, it can be punished severely in others. Follow the local regulations to avoid any legal consequences .

What Makes Cannabidiol So Special?

Well, first it will not make you high (yeah, for some people that is a plus point), but it possesses all the amazing properties that could help you fight many health issues. Sounds promising? You bet!


  1. Muscles, bones and joints - athletes often use CBD in order to soothe muscles and joint pain. It also proves effective in treating arthritis. CBD has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. In fact, based on the studies 42% of CBD users gave up on traditional medication (Vicodin, Tylenol etc.).
  2. Anxiety and depression treatment - mental health is a topic that resonates in the entire society. Especially now when we are going on the second year to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Neverending lockdowns and social distancing are very tough on people who have already suffered from mental issues before it all started . CBD is a natural way to fight anxiety and depression. It is true you can always go for pharmaceutical drugs, but those usually have many side effects.
  3. Effective Skin Treatment - it regulates oil production, reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin. It is also a strong antioxidant. Above this all it reduces fine lines and wrinkles and therefore it is often used as an anti-ageing agent.
  4. Epilepsy treatment - CBD showed significant results in treating severe childhood epilepsy syndromes (Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome). These two rarely respond to pharmaceutical treatment. CBD could reduce the number of seizures and sometimes it stopped them completely.
  5. Sleeping disorder and insomnia - it can help both falling asleep and staying asleep.

CBD Is a Safe Natural Remedy for Great Potential

Do not be deceived though. CBD is not “a miraculous cure for cancer” as some manufacturers dare to claim. There need to be conducted more clinical studies on that matter yet.

Although it cannot cure cancer, it can relieve chronic pain, anxiety and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Have you tried CBD? What type of product is your favourite and what do you use it for? Would you buy it again or did it not meet your expectations?

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