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We carry a large selection of cloth menstrual pads and accessories at Cottontail Baby!  We have created this page to help you care for your pads.

Laundering Cloth Menstrual Pads:

  • After use, rinse your pad until the water runs clear.  You may also choose to soak your pads.  If you choose to soak them, be sure to change the water at least daily and keep the container away from children.  You may also choose to treat them with a product such as Luna Rinse.  This is not essential; however, some women like the convenience of Luna Rinse.
  • On washday, run your pads through a cold pre wash or rinse cycle.  Then wash on hot with a small amount of your favorite detergent.  Follow up with 1-2 cold rinses. 
  • Dry in the dryer or hang to dry.
  • If you are using cloth diapers, your pads can be washed with your diapers.


  • Don't use bleach products on your pads.  Because bleach is a strong chemical, it can break down the fabrics of your pads and shorten their life.  To remove stains, lay your pads in the sun!  Oxygen whiteners such as Oxyclean can also be used.
  • Don't use fabric softener.  Fabric softener will coat the pad making them water repellent and may cause leaks. 
  • If your pads have a waterproof layer of PUL, they should be dried once on HOT before use to help prevent leaking issues.  We recommend drying PUL on hot occasionally.
  • If you choose the rinsing method, be sure to thoroughly rinse to prevent staining.

Why choose cloth menstrual pads?

  • Environmentally Friendly - Each pad will last you for years.  Plastic pads take decades to break down and may contain harmful chemicals
  • Easier on your pocket book - Disposable pads can cost about $7 per month and a woman will menstruate 340 times in her life.  That can add up quickly.  Although the initial investment in cloth pads may be more, the savings is substantial.
  • Practical - You will never have to run to the grocery store just to buy pads.  A clean pad is available even in the middle of the night!
  • Comfort - Even if you're a life long tampon fan, you will find cloth pads easier to deal with and far more comfortable than you ever thought possible.  Menstruation can be an uncomfortable time for some of us, but the comfort of cloth pads can make this time a little easier.
  • Change your attitude - An unexpected benefit!  Some women find that switching to cloth gives them a more positive attitude about their bodies and themselves.


Some information on this page is reproduced courtesy of Celtic Cloths.

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