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Diaper Care


First, you will need a place to store your diapers.  A small diaper pail, trash can, or a waterproof bag will work. There are two methods to storing diapers: wet pail or dry pail.  To use the wet pail method, fill a pail with water and soak diapers until wash day.  You will need to change your pail water at least daily.  We do not recommend the wet pail method, and if you soak your diapers for long periods of time in certain solutions, it may affect the life of your diapers.  We recommend the dry pail method.  With a dry pail,  no soaking is required!  You may use this method with or without a pail liner.  We recommend a liner because it keeps the pail clean...and you can toss the liner right in with wash! Pail liners can be found here. For exclusively breastfed babies, you can throw all the diapers directly in the pail. You may choose to rinse off the dirty diapers, but it is not necessary.  Once the baby is on solids the dirty diapers will need to be rinsed off before placing in the pail. You may choose to use a minishower to rinse your diapers off.  Minishowers are a wonderful way to clean soiled diapers without having to "dunk" them in the toilet.  We have used ours for over 4 years now and couldn't live without it!  Wash as often as you need to...or at least every 3 days. 

  • Start with a cold rinse or short cold wash. 
  • Then wash on hot with a small amount of detergent and follow with a cold rinse.
  • Follow up with another cold rinse with no detergent to make sure diapers come out clean and soap free!  Sometimes diapers can get a buildup of detergent.  You can check for suds when doing a rinse.  If you see suds in your water during the rinse cycle, keep doing rinses until you no longer see suds

You may use any detergent that you would normally use, with a few exceptions.  Free & Clear detergents aren't recommended because they have been known to cause build up on the diapers (especially synthetic fabrics). 

About bleach: Using bleach on a regular basis is not recommended and can void the warranties of some of the diapers.  However, you may find it useful to use a small amount of bleach occasionally to sanitize your diapes if they develop an odor.  If you choose to use bleach, we receommend a 1/4 of bleach added to your wash no more than once every 2-4 weeks.

Washing Wool Covers

Wash once a week or every two weeks depending on how often you use the cover.  If it gets dirty or is stinky then it is time to wash! 

  • Use a lanolin enriched soap, hand wash in luke-warm water, don't rinse
  • Roll in a towel to get moisture out
  • Hang to dry


You will need to lanolize approximately once a month.  If your wool cover feels a little damp when in use, it is probably time to Lanolize!

  • You can use lanolin such as Lanshinoh, melt this with some hot water and a little wool wash soap.  Pour into the sink with your wool cover. Another option is to use a wool buddy in a sink full of warm water. 
  • Soak for as long as possible (up to several hours/overnight). 
  • Roll in a towel and hang to dry.  


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