Cottontail Baby March 2010

Marching into Spring at Cottontail...

While there is still snow on the ground, in fact, LOTS of snow on the ground, it is starting to FEEL like Spring.  Longer days, birds chirping, if not warmth, then less frigid cold.  All the wonderful hints that brightier, sunnier days are ahead.  Can't wait. It has been a long, cold winter.  Many of our manufacturers have been using that time wisely and we have several new products to introduce.
Leslie's Boutique Wet Bags at Cottontail Baby...

Wet Bags in Boho Orchid

We are thrilled to announce that we have added Leslie's Boutique Wet Bags to our store.  These high quality wet bags come in a number of different sizes and in some pretty spectacular designer prints. All bags are made in the USA bags and have a number of terrific features including hidden zippers, snap handles and five-thread interlock sewn and triple reinforced seams to provide maximum water resistance.  I have already snapped up several...for the pool, for a make-up bag and, of course, another for diapers.  Get yours now!   

Thirsties Duo Wrap Now in Snaps...

You asked and Thirsties answered.  The wonderful Duo Wrap diaper cover is now available in both Snaps and Aplix.  Like all things Thirsties, these covers are made in the USA and exhibit the highest craftsmanship and attention to detail.  They still come in the wonderful Thirsties colors we have all grown to love.  My current favorites are Orchid and Honeydew.  They just scream Spring!
Happy Heiny's News
We wanted to thank all our customers for so generously supporting Happy Heiny's efforts to help Haitian orphanages.  Many tons of gently used diapers and accessories have been shipped to the orphanages there which have been enormously helpful.  In addition to helping the orphanages, Happy Heiny continues to manufacture diapers. We are proud to sell their one sizedpocket and fitted diapers, their wonderful trainers and their very popular Mama Pads.  
BPA Toxins and their effects on Newborns...
Interesting  from the Environmental Working Group on the effect BPA toxins in the environment is having on newborns.  BPA has recently been discovered in cord blood of newborns.  In fact, umbilical cord blood contained an astounding 287 toxins including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and teflons.  Of these toxins, it is known that 180 cause cancer, 217 are toxic to the brain or nervous system and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development.  Be informed.  It might seem like a drop in a very, very large bucket but cloth diapering and other Natural Family living actions really do have a positive impact on your family and the environment.

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